Demoiselle Absinthe 2015 Smoked 375mL

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Demoiselle Absinthe 2015 Smoked - 375mL 66.6% Alc/Vol

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We accept the following payment methods via PayPal:

375mL 66.6% Alc/Vol - Approx 20 Standard Drinks

Tasting notes: Herbaceous, complex and velvety Australian absinthe. Fresh anise, hints of eucalyptus with a smoky leather finish.

A verte absinthe similar to our 2015 Verte but smoked in a process unique to our distillery using carefully chosen fruit tree wood that produces a gentle, sweet and fruity smoke that rounds, compliments and enhances the absinthe.

Genuine, absolutely unique, and would happily stand with the best absinthes in the world.

Just like our other absinthes we grow and harvest all of the botanicals and the wood used to smoke it, it comes in a properly corked and wax sealed bottle (just as all of our other absinthes do)

Limited availability.

We are also pleased to announce shipping to several countries in Europe and the UK (but please be aware there may be extra tax/duty required to be paid by you at your end depending on your local rules/regulations).

All of our absinthes use the Australian native aniseed myrtle (rather than  the traditional aniseed and fennel) to give the absinthe its trademark louche, which means our absinthe still has the classic absinthe flavour profile while also having a unique un-quantifiable aroma of the australian rainforest. To continue with this Australian heart we also use the Australian native Lemon Myrtle instead of traditionally used non-native lemonbalm. Which, just like the Aniseed Myrtle, retains the classic flavour profile of absinthe while simultaneously making our product uniquely Australian. We are the first and currently only producer in the world to make an absinthe like this.

All of our products are small batch produced by hand in a pot still using botanicals we grow and harvest ourselves with a five times distilled base spirit which is also produced entirely in-house.

The finished product is then bottled by hand (with a cork of course) and wax sealed to help convey the quality and love we put into the bottle’s contents.

It is against the law to sell or supply alcohol to, or to obtain alcohol on behalf of, a person under the age of 18 years. Producer Liquor Licence: LIQW880010305

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Demoiselle Absinthe 2015 Smoked 375mL

Demoiselle Absinthe 2015 Smoked 375mL

Demoiselle Absinthe 2015 Smoked - 375mL 66.6% Alc/Vol